Friday, January 14, 2011

Pushing What?

It seems like everywhere I go, I hear about women "pushing" breastfeeding, trying to force some poor woman to continue when she doesn't want to or feels it's wrong for her. I guess I must be reading the wrong things, because I've seen none of it. I'm sure someone will tell me I'm just not seeing it because I'm biased. I suppose that's possible. Or it could be that people see "pushing" in anything from supportive encouragement to suggestions for how to make it work better. Maybe this supposed pushing is largely from the same mind-set that sees facts as "trying to make people feel bad"?

All I know is, I've never seen lactivists trying to push or force anyone into continuing to breastfeed. On the other hand, I have seen so many posts lately from formula feeders, pushing women to stop breastfeeding. No one says it outright, but the tone of all these posts is "Don't be a martyr, formula is just as good, don't let those mean old lactivists convince you to keep going if your tired or frustrated or sore or just plain can't be bothered."

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