Thursday, June 7, 2012

I have had it with being forced to sign up to every site on the net in order to post a comment, I'm going to just post my comments here.

This one is in response to : Good Parents Aren't Scared to Put Their Kids on a Diet

Given that every study out there shows 95% of dieters will gain all the weight back and then some, that girls who diet in high school are more likely to be fat as adults than girls who don't, no matter their starting weights, it's pretty damn clear that not only do diets not work, they are contributing to the problem. Good parents make sure their kids DON'T diet. More movement and gradually reducing portion sizes to more appropriate amounts will do far more than any diet. When you diet, your body thinks you're in a famine and stores fat, slowing your metabolism, often permanently. No amount of will power is going to fix that.